dEsign enVironmEnt foR Extreme-Scale big data analyTics on heterogeneous platforms

“The EVEREST project aims at developing a holistic design environment that simplifies the programmability of High Performance Big Data analytics for heterogeneous, distributed, scalable and secure systems. We use a “data-driven” design approach with domain-specific language extensions, hardware-accelerated AI and an efficient monitoring of the execution with a unified hardware/software paradigm.”

– EVEREST Consortium

Target Applications

Renewable-energy prediction

Weather analysis-based prediction for the renewable energy trading

Air-quality monitoring

Application for air-quality monitoring of industrial sites

Traffic modeling

Real-time traffic modeling for transportation in smart cities


Everest SDK

The EVEREST System Development Kit (SDK) is a unified and interoperable framework for the development of complex FPGA system architectures.


EVEREST consortium includes ten partners: two large companies, three SMEs, two non-profit research institutes and three universities, spread around six different countries across Europe (Italy, Switzerland, France, Germany, Czech Republic, and Slovakia).

Key People

Project Coordinator

Christoph Hagleitner
(IBM Zurich)

Scientific Coordinator

Christian Pilato
(Politecnico di Milano)