Virtual Open Systems (VOS) is a French high-tech start-up company specialized in mixed critical, embedded and cloud software development for heterogeneous systems. The core activity is about open source virtualization solutions and services for complex embedded and distributed electronics, mobile devices, networking, automotive, cloud computing, HPC and in generalfor embedded heterogeneous multicore platforms. The company team consists of talented software and hardware engineers with strong technical skills on embedded systems virtualization techniques, KVM, Linux kernel, QEMU, VMs security, FPGA programming, accelerators assignment to VMs. Virtual Open Systems is the company who has strongly contributed to the KVM development for ARMv7, ARMv8 architectures and invested to upstreaming changes in the Linux kernel.

Website: http://www.virtualopensystems.com/en/company/


Michele Paolino, innovation manager and virtualization architect at Virtual Open Systems, holds a Master degree in Computer Engineering from the Alma Mater Studiorum University of Bologna with a thesis about virtualization solutions for linux-based heterogeneous SoCs and programmable manycore accelerators. He counts 5 patents filed in US and EU, co-authored more than 10 conference/journal papers and had technical speeches in several worldwide events (e.g., OPNFV, OpenStack and AGL summits). In 2019 he obtained an executive master in Technology andInnovation Management from the Bologna Business School.

Salvatore Daniel Raho, has received a degree in telecommunications engineering in 1988 at the University of Pavia, Italy. As industry veteran he has proven product development experience in the semiconductor industry in the ARM based heterogeneous systems. Held managing responsibilities in several funded national and European programs. Co-Founder of Virtual Open Systems to foster open source KVM virtualization development and adoption in multicore embedded systems.

Alvise Rigo (male), is a software engineer and Linux kernel developer. Since June 2013 he is member of Virtual Open Systems, joining various European projects as virtualization expert. In July 2013, he has obtained a Master degree in computer engineering from the University of Padua, discussing the development experience of a computer vision application. He experienced low level programming for ARM embedded systems that introduced him to the ARM architecture, its components and hardware extensions. He counts various contributions to Open Source mailing lists, especially to Qemu-devel, where he constantly contributes proposing fixes and improvements.

MAIN activities

VOS leads EVEREST WP5 and contributes to the project results with the development of the virtualization infrastructure that includes FPGA/GPU acceleration.